The Prym Group invests heavily both in customer satisfaction and environmental protection. Not only is this a policy, but also a deeply held conviction, so we use the very latest technology to minimize our impact on the environment in areas such as galvanising, waste water treatment and recycling.
Sustainable Products
Environmentally friendly fasteners that help make products even more sustainable.
Environment-friendly production
Our company group has placed high values on processes that protect resources and save energy, as well as low-emission production. This is represented by the consistent use of environmental-friendly technologies and the selection of the materials used according to the criteria of recyclability, environmental-friendliness and work safety.
Waste avoidance and recycling of raw materials belong to the elementary modules of our environmentally-oriented production. Where technically feasible, we recover recyclable waste from the process baths, re-melt the brass and stainless steel punch waste and process plastic cast waste back to granulate. The recycled raw materials then flow back into production without any loss of quality.
Carefully tested
All Prym products are thoroughly tested for environmental friendliness, and surface finishes are strictly assessed for compliance with the German consumer goods and hazardous materials regulations, DIN 1811 and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
Together for more sustainability
With our L.I.F.E. certified product range, we offer eco-friendly fastening systems to further close the sustainability loop in the textile industry. A joint success all along the line.