Prym Consumer

Prym Consumer is the leading global supplier of creative sewing and needlework products, as well as fashion accessories. With a global network of production sites, a centralized quality management programme and excellent attention to detail, Prym Consumer’s products are essential to the sewing and needlework industries all over the globe. And thanks to its steady stream of new and exciting products, environmentally-friendly production techniques, customer-oriented approach and sound advice, the company’s market share is growing constantly. The secret of our success is our dedication to delivering innovative, high-quality products.
Needlework is brainwork
Innovative ideas for creative sewing, needlecraft and design have always been our strength. As an internationally leading supplier of sewing and needlecraft products and all kinds of trendy accessories, we satisfy the requirements of very different target groups. We believe that a full customer focus also means maintaining close connections in practice. Working hand in hand with our international companies and distribution partners, we have a strong market presence all over the world. Prym Consumer Europe is dedicated to markets in Europe and Africa. Prym Consumer Americas looks after customers in North and South America. Prym Consumer Asia is responsible for sales in Asia and Australia. As a result, our customers around the globe can rely on a solid network of international contact partners with the skills and experience to manage our full product range.
Our Prym Consumer Asia locations
Prym Consumer Asia Ltd. (Sales HQ office)
2/F, Sunking Factory Building, No. 1-7 Shing Chuen Road, Tai Wai, N.T, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2950 3830
Fax: +852 2366 6873
Email: pca.general@prym.com
Contact: eCommerce Department
Prym Consumer Malaysia Sdn. Bhd (Sales office & Manufacturer)
Tanjung Kling Free Trade Zone, 76409 Tanjung Kling, Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: +606 350 1030
Fax: +606 350 1005
Email: pca.general@gmail.com
Contact: Su Kuan Yeo
Prym Consumer Asia Ltd (Sales office, Japan)
Tel: +81 90 6524 6654
Email: takehito.otsuka@prym.com
Contact: Takehito Otsuka